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    Why Is My Hp Printer Printing Blank Pages?

    Printing is an essential part of any office work as we need documents to complete our work. But it is frustrating when you print a document, but the printer sends out a blank piece of paper instead. 

    If this type of error occurs in your HP printer, there are a few things that could be wrong with your printer. There might be no ink in the printer, or the cartridge has been dislodged from its place. 

    Reasons behind this error

    There are many reasons behind the blank paper error, and here is the list. 

    • Empty ink or toner cartridge that you should replace to print

    • The cartridge might have dislodged from its place 

    • You may have entered the wrong size paper in the tray

    • The head nozzles of the printers are clogged up, and that is why it is not printing anything.

    • Or there may be blank pages in the documents you are printing

    How to Fix it

    To fix the HP printer won’t print issue, you have to do a certain things, which are listed below. 

    • Empty Cartridges – First, you must check the ink levels on the cartridges installed on the printer as most of the time, the ink is dried out. So, check it and replace it with a new cartridge with full ink levels. 

    • Disconnected Cartridge – If your cartridge is full and ready for printing more documents, then you have to check if it is dislodged from its location. This can also be another reason why you are not able to print anything using that printer. You have to carefully open your printer and check the connection for the cartridge installed. You can simply remove the cartridge and then reinstall it. 

    • Paper Size Issue – It is possible that you may have changed the paper settings in the document while printing, and that is why you are not getting anything on paper. So, you must check the paper settings and enter the correct paper size for printing. 

    • Clogged Nozzle – This is one problem in HP printers that occurs to users who don’t use their printer quite often. So, he nozzles get clogged up with hardened ink, and you have to resolve that. If your printer has the option to check the nozzle, you can do that using software, or you have to open the cartridge and look for it manually. 

    You might get another HP printer code error while trying to print a document, contact the support team from HP to solve those error codes.


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